What conditions does Neurofeedback address?

The conditions which have documented, published evidence of Neurofeedback's effectiveness are:

 · Addiction
 · Anxiety 
· Attachment Disorders 
· Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
 · Chronic Pain
 · Cognitive Decline in Elderly
 · Depression 
· Migraine
s · Eating Disorders
 · Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 · Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)
 · Learning Disabilities
· Relaxation
 · Sleep Disorders 
· Tourette's Syndrome/Tics 
· Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
 · Teethgrinding (Bruxism).

Neurofeedback is helpful for conditions in which the brain is not working as efficiently as it could. It helps improve other areas of mental, emotional and physical functioning, such as:

· Enhance mental clarity

· Increase attention and concentration,

· Improved memory and learning

· Improve mental flexibility, to shift more easily from one task to another

· Regulate emotion, thinking and behavior, for balanced daily functioning

· Sharpen timing and skills for peak performance in sports

· Improve overall brain function, to feel better mentally and physically

Can neurofeedback help me enhance my performance at work, in school, or in sports?

Yes, neurofeedback is effectively used to enhance performance. Peak performance is an easily recognized mental state where you are both focused and present. We have all had experiences of peak performance, but often they seem fleeting and not easily reproducible. Common elements of the Peak Performance state include:

· Ability to focus and attend to the task at hand

· Flexibility of attention

· Clarity of thought

· Absence of self-consciousness

· Ability to control breathing and adrenaline

· Little to no fear of failure

· A sense of personal control

· Heightened intuition and awareness

· Effortlessness

· An altered state of consciousness

· Appropriate reactions and responses without having to think about them.

We've all had those rare moments when everything falls into place — where our skills and our attention combine in such a way that we perform better than we could hope to expect, in a way that surprised and thrilled us. How would it feel to reach that state consciously? To be able to reproduce it continuously? What if that state was normal?

If you want to learn more and faster, if you want to decrease fear and anxiety, if you want to increase creativity and productivity, even maintain focus under stress, training using neurofeedback can maximize your potential.

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