What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback with LENS is a cutting-edge technology that works with your brain to optimize it's own brainwave patterns which results in optimized physical and emotional health for the mind and body.

It does this by mirroring the brain’s activity back to itself. When the brain sees an area of inefficient neural functioning, it immediately begins the process of rectifying it. In this process of neural reorganization, new neural pathways are formed and various physical and emotional problems simply disappear!

How does it work?

This brain’s activity occurs in four distinctive brainwave patterns, from very slow to very fast. Recent research shows that individuals with conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, sleep difficulties and other conditions, have brainwave activity that is either too slow or too fast. For example, people with ADHD have less activity in areas of the brain that control focus, attention and the regulation of behavior and emotion.

Research also shows that when we use neurofeedback, it will correct faulty brainwave activity. It interrupts suppressed brainwave activity in the areas of the brain that control attention, emotion, focus and behavior and therefore strengthens these areas, which results in reduced or elimination of symptoms.

What happens in a Neurofeedback session?

The sessions take place in my office. The client sits in a comfortable chair with three sensors connected to their head and ears. One sensor is moved to 21 sites on the head to measure and give feedback at the same time. The sensors are monitoring the brainwave activity over all of it’s frequencies; delta, theta, alpha, and beta.

Who can benefit from Neurofeedback?

Anyone having symptoms of imbalances in Central Nervous System function can benefit from neurofeedback brain training.

Typical manifestations of CNS imbalances can include:

 Anger, Irritability,
 Brain Fog, Lack of Focus, 
Chronic Pain, 
Learning Disorders,
 PTSD, Panic Attacks, 
Stress, Sleep Problems,
 Trauma, Hyper-Sensitivity, Post-Anesthesia.

In addition, neurofeedback can improve:
 Ability to Cope, Increased Cognitive Function,
 Emotional Control, 
Healthy Aging, 
Peak Performance, 
Quiet Mind, and Inner Calm.

It is important to recognize that neurofeedback with NeurOptimal™ does not diagnose or treat any disease or condition. It simply provides feedback to the brain and the brain simply reorganizes itself as a result of this information.

Often times, a variety of symptoms may simply fade away as a result of this reorganization. Many clients report experiencing a natural relief of symptoms after brain training.

You don’t have to have ‘health issues’ to benefit from neurofeedback. Everyone will benefit from the increased calm and inner peace, which results from these sessions. Increased awareness, understanding, compassion and a newfound joy in life are all the natural result of minimizing chaotic brainwave activity.

How is LENS™ different?

Traditional neurofeedback is about leading the brain in a certain direction using protocols. This will raise or lower certain frequencies in parts of the brain, according to what the practitioner, or the software, feels is best for the client. This is a very linear approach. The brain is a non-linear, dynamic system of incredible complexity. In a system of such complexity, any adjustments are best left to the brain itself, a task at which it is extremely proficient.

This is where the more advanced LENS system is different from traditional neurofeedback systems. LENS allows the brain to reorganize and self-regulate without a predetermined pushing in a particular direction.

This is a truly holistic approach, more natural and certainly less invasive, and results in better and faster training with fewer side effects. 

How many sessions are usual?

This is very difficult to say, as every brain responds differently. There is no predefined amount of sessions to produce a particular result as we are not treating any specific problem as such, and it does depend on how your brain responds to the trainings.

Six to 10 sessions is a good starting point, followed by an evaluation of how helpful you believe the sessions have been in achieving your personal goals.

One way to judge this is by looking at the changes that have occurred in your day-to-day life, and from feedback from close friends, who can often see changes not perceptible to us.

Initially, sessions occur from one or two sessions per week. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. Since neurofeedback is a healing process, results occur over time. For most conditions, progress in seen within about 10 sessions. For ADHD, about 20-40 sessions may be needed, depending on severity, medication, etc. Once the brain learns to regulate itself properly, it remembers what it learns and works more efficiently.

Do the effects last?

The new neural networks formed as a result of training over many sessions tend to be permanent. However, certain outside factors come into play, so it’s useful to know what they are.

Some of these factors have to do with lifestyle:

Alcohol negatively affects neurons, so it is recommended that you stop alcohol consumption during training.


Poor diet is a factor. During the sessions and thereafter, it is helpful to make sure your protein intake in good and that you are getting balanced nutrition.

Are there any side effects?

With LENS™ there are virtually no side effects. Some may feel a slight headache or a little sleepy afterwards. For others there may be a sensitization to some of the symptoms they were experiencing before, while others have reported feeling emotions intensely for a short while. Generally, these effects fade after the first few sessions.

It is possible that various prescription medications may need to be reduced or adjusted after a series of neurofeedback sessions. If this is the case please consult your doctor. 

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